Thanks Emil.  That makes some sense, but as I think about it, I'm not  
sure I understand how to wire these together.  Blaze is obviously  
Java, and the point of any of these RPC abstractions is to instantiate  
a remote service bean and call methods.  PHP can instantiate Java  
easily enough, but I do not see a supported way for Java to  
instantiate a PHP service object.  So there's no way for Blaze to  
instantiate a "PHP object" (i.e. a PHP object compiled into Java), or  
even a proxy for the PHP object that contains the glue.  Without that,  
I can't imagine (in hindsight) how using Blaze will ever work as a  
front end for PHP code.

I'm far from being a master of PHP, but I'm wondering if there might  
be a misfeature in the PHP standard library implementation for  
Quercus.  This is super simple to test... unpack 
  and drop it into your webapp root.  No configuration is necessary.   
Then load http://localhost:8080/amfphp/browser/index.html and you'll  
see the issue.

Am I missing anything obvious?

Cheers, Brian

On Mar 4, 2010, at 7:43 PM, Emil Ong wrote:

> Hi Brian,
> I think your best bet is to use BlazeDS. As far as I know, nobody has
> used AMFPHP with Quercus, but using BlazeDS would be simple (just use
> new Java("some.blazeds.Clazz", "first arg", "etc") to create objects).
> You could also try using Hessian Flash, but then you'd need your  
> objects
> to be Java objects that you access from PHP.
> Thanks,
> Emil
> On Thu, Mar 04, 2010 at 07:30:36PM -0500, Brian Topping wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> I'm just getting started with Quercus and am in a situation where an
>> existing application is using AMFPHP.  Looking at the client packets
>> that AMFPHP is storing in the logs, they appear to be well-formed.
>> When I look at them on the wire with Wireshark, they have Java class
>> names in them.
>> It makes perfect sense that the objects in Quercus are Java objects,
>> but the serialization of same seems to be different than what AMFPHP
>> wants to serialize them as, causing the issue. If I am understanding
>> the issue correctly, is there a way to have the objects serialize as
>> if they were native PHP objects?
>> Failing that, I would like to modify AMFPHP so that it uses BlazeDS  
>> to
>> send the object over the wire.  Has anyone attempted this?  If it's
>> just dead simple, that's a perfectly appropriate answer too.  I was
>> just hoping to not dig all the way into this to find there are known
>> issues in this realm.
>> Any information kindly appreciated,
>> Brian
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