On Mar 5, 2010, at 12:35 PM, Emil Ong wrote:

> On Fri, Mar 05, 2010 at 11:57:05AM -0500, Brian Topping wrote:
>> Am I missing anything obvious?
> I don't think so. I'll file this as a bug - there might be an easy  
> fix.
> http://bugs.caucho.com/view.php?id=3926
> Invoking the PHP from Java can be tricky for cases like these.  Some
> care needs to be taken to do it correctly.

Hi Emil, I thought to check in on this as we get our PHP in deployed  
in the Java WAR.  Unfortunately, the path that I've had to take is to  
unzip the tarball into /var/www/html and let httpd handle it.  But it  
would be much nicer to not have to do that.

I noticed the bug was marked as "minor".  If that's the case, I guess  
I should be able to debug it.  Is Quercus open source?  I didn't see a  
source jar attached to the maven repository artifacts, so I just  
assumed something so cool was closed source.  :-)

If not, maybe I could hire someone on your end to look at it.  Hit me  
off-list if that's an option.

Failing all that (or possibly in addition to that), it would be great  
to figure out how to call PHP from Java too.

Any thoughts much appreciated!

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