On Mar 18, 2010, at 16:30:02, Scott Ferguson wrote:

> That trace looks normal, assuming the *.216 and *.217 are your two HTTP 
> ports. I assume that's the connection-refused state?  Each one has 
> several threads in the nativeAccept() state. The situation that would be 
> a problem is if there are no threads for the port waiting in accept().
> When you're in a connection-refused, can you try both addresses, just to 
> make sure? (It's possible, too, that netstat might show something in 
> that state.)

I got to that connection-refused state again, and tried connecting to each IP 
address separately. They both behaved the same way, although apparently the 
server isn't completely dead. Every now and again, it will respond. But 
attempting to load a web page, it's obvious that many of the connections are 
being refused (no CSS, images, etc).

netstat -an output in that state (sorry, I might've forgotten an option on that 



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