Does that snapshot address the encoding issue with jsp:param?



On 4/9/2010 11:23 AM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> Rob Lockstone wrote:
>> This is Resin Pro 4.0.5 running on a non-busy OS X machine.
>> When I perform curl -I requests (which just retrieves the header
>> information from the server) to a simple jsp page, sometimes it
>> returns the header, but other times the curl request responds with:
> Can you try the new snapshot at
> We've updated some of the read timeout code, but I haven't been able to
> duplicate that exact behavior.
> -- Scott
>> curl: (52) Empty reply from server
>> Also, if I remove the -I from the curl request, it will download the
>> contents of the page, but again, it sometimes works, but other other
>> times it gets an "Empty reply from server" response.
>> However, loading pages in a browser seems to work consistently. I
>> tried commenting out the cache block in resin.xml, and that does lead
>> to page load failures in the browser. So I suspect this has something
>> to do with resin's caching, but not sure what. ???
>> With the log level set to "finer", I'm seeing the following messages
>> in resin's logs.
>> This first set is for a successful curl -I request:
>> {http://*:8080-3} TcpConnection[id=3]starting connection
>> TcpConnection[id=http://*:8080-3,http://*:8080,ACCEPT],
>> <http://*:8080,ACCEPT%5D,>  total=3
>> {http://*:8080-3} Http[3] HEAD /some.jsp HTTP/1.1
>> {http://*:8080-3} Http[3] Remote-IP: an.ip.address:49390
>> {http://*:8080-3} Http[3] User-Agent: curl/7.19.7
>> (universal-apple-darwin10.0) libcurl/7.19.7 OpenSSL/0.9.8l zlib/1.2.3
>> {http://*:8080-3} Http[3] Host:<>
>> {http://*:8080-3} Http[3] Accept: */*
>> {http://*:8080-3} Dispatch '/some.jsp' to
>> AccessLogFilterChain[,
>> next=CacheFilterChain[/some.jsp?null,
>> next=WebAppFilterChain[,
>> next=PageFilterChain[JspServlet[WebApp[]]]]]]
>> {http://*:8080-3} SessionImpl[aaaeeoksxMIpE9HDBsAFs,] new
>> {http://*:8080-3} SessionImpl[aaaeeoksxMIpE9HDBsAFs,] create session
>> {http://*:8080-3} Http[3] HTTP/1.1 200 OK
>> {http://*:8080-3} Http[3] Cache-Control: private
>> {http://*:8080-3} Http[3] Set-Cookie:
>> JSESSIONID=aaaeeoksxMIpE9HDBsAFs; path=/
>> {http://*:8080-3} Http[3] Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
>> {http://*:8080-3} Http[3] Content-Length: 378
>> {http://*:8080-3} Http[3] finish/keepalive
>> {http://*:8080-3} Http[3] read timeout
>> {http://*:8080-3} TcpConnection[id=3] closing connection
>> TcpConnection[id=http://*:8080-3,http://*:8080,CLOSED],
>> <http://*:8080,CLOSED%5D,>  total=3
>> And this is what resin logs when curl gets the "Empty reply from server":
>> {http://*:8080-5} TcpConnection[id=5]starting connection
>> TcpConnection[id=http://*:8080-5,http://*:8080,ACCEPT],
>> <http://*:8080,ACCEPT%5D,>  total=3
>> {http://*:8080-5} Http[5] read timeout
>> {http://*:8080-5} TcpConnection[id=5] closing connection
>> TcpConnection[id=http://*:8080-5,http://*:8080,CLOSED],
>> <http://*:8080,CLOSED%5D,>  total=3
>> Any thoughts? I'm using the same configuration as I had with Resin Pro
>> 4.0.2 and I don't think it was happening with that version. But
>> admittedly, I didn't try doing this with that version as I had no
>> reason to suspect anything was wrong.
>> Rob

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