We run an Apache + resin config on RH Linux and its been stable for the 
past few releases. Right now we're on 4.0.5. When I went through the 
usual upgrade process on 4.0.5 -> 4.0.6 I found resin started "taking 
over" all the Apache sites, in other words the usual split between about 
half being served by resin and half by apache stopped - the resin ones 
were fine, whereas the Apache ones gave 404's. I thought it was 
something I'd done at the time, so reverted to 4.0.5 and was fine until 
I just tried again with 4.0.7. It's behaving the same way. So unless 
I've forgotten something, it looks like without me pointing this out 
it's going to be like that from now on ... ?

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