Thanks a lot Scott for your answer. This is the result:

> That looks like an error in the XML parser. You might try changing the 
> property to 
> "".

When I add


in the conf of the webapp, the client seems to like it, and launches the 
request, but now the server has an err500 :

> Also, you should avoid 3.2.x. Those are very old 4.0.x beta releases.

I know but when I tried version 4.0.8 it claimed that it needs java 1.6 
which is not available on my macosx leopard intel 32bits :) (I've just 
bought snow leopard and may move to 4 soon)

Is there any other "very simple" way to do soap client/server with Resin 
? (my customer needs soap, if not I would have used hessian...)

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