Thanks, I filed a bug report:

We are starting resin server using the "console" command, which starts watchdog 
(in a separate JVM). The managed Resin Server is started by that watchdog. When 
'stop' button is pressed watchdog's JVM is stopped and Resin should shutdown. 
That happens immediately on Linux and Mac, but takes 2 minutes on 
Windows, that's something for us to investigate and fix.

Resin 3.1 is started directly, so that explains the difference in behaviour.


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I did some more testing and the Resin plugin is able to stop Resin 3.1.5 
instances, so it appears to be a compound problem between the 4.0.14-15 
releases not being closed properly and the plugin not detecting it.


El 15/02/2011 11:48, Daniel López escribió:
> Hi again,
> I upgraded to plugin version 4.0.15 and I was now able to select my
> local instalation to be used, so it seems to be fixed.
> On the other hand, something else seems to have been broken as the
> server is not stopped either when you press stop or re-start or any
> other option.
> You hit stop, the server is then displayed as stopped but the console of
> the server does not show the usual "stopping..." message. When you try
> to start it up again, you get a "HTTP port already boud" error. If you
> kill the suspect java process "by hand", you are then able to restart it
> again. I tested it with local Resin 4.0.14 and Resin 4.0.15 versions to
> discard a server issue, and the problem happens with both.
> On a related note, if I start any of those versions with the regular
> resin.exe and try to stop it instead of quitting, I get this at the
> console:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> Shutdown Resin reason: OK
> 15-feb-2011 11:44:55 com.caucho.env.thread.ResinThread runTasks
> ADVERTENCIA: java.lang.RuntimeException:
> Socket closed
> java.lang.RuntimeException: Socket closed
> at
> at com.caucho.env.thread.ResinThread.runTasks(
> at
> Caused by: Socket closed
> at Method)
> at
> at
> at com.caucho.remote.websocket.WebSocketInputStream.startBinaryMessage(W
> at com.caucho.hmtp.HmtpWebSocketReader.readPacket(HmtpWebSocketReader.ja
> va:63)
> at
> ... 2 more
> 15-feb-2011 11:44:55 com.caucho.boot.WatchdogChildProcess logStatus
> ADVERTENCIA: Watchdog detected close of Resin[,pid=0]
> exit reason: normal exit (exit code=0)
> 15-feb-2011 11:44:55 com.caucho.boot.WatchdogChildTask run
> INFO: WatchdogChild[] stopped
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> However, in this case the process seems to die alright as I can start
> the server again and get no "port already bound" error.
> In spite of that, there could be a correlation between both of them as
> it is quite suspicious for both to happen at the same time :).
> Cheers!
> D.
> El 09/02/2011 12:40, Daniel López escribió:
>> Good to know, thanks. I'll wait for the 4.0.15 then.
>> S!
>> D.
>> El 07/02/2011 18:45, Scott Ferguson escribió:
>>> Daniel López wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I reinstalled Eclipse and started from scratch and after installing the
>>>> latest Eclipse plugin from, when I try to create
>>>> a new Server I'm no longer given the option of specifying a local
>>>> version, but it insists I have to download a Pro version, put my email
>>>> address to request a license...
>>>> Is that how the updated version (4.0.14) of the plugin works?
>>> That's a mistake on our end.
>>> The auto-download should default to pro, but it should let you specify
>>> any pre-installed Resin version.
>>> -- Scott
>>>> D.

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