On 03/21/2011 05:03 PM, Keith Fetterman wrote:
> Also, what is the difference between the attribute "root-directory" and
> "document-directory" in the<web-app>  tag?  I noticed in the resin
> documentation that "root-directory" is mentioned in the list of
> attributes but "document-directory" is not on the following page:
> http://caucho.com/resin/reference.xtp#web-app
> But, if you look at the examples, they all show "<web-app id='/apache'
> document-directory='/usr/local/apache/htdocs'>"

The root-directory is the preferred name (I'm updating the docs). 
document-directory is for backward compatibility.

We are using root-directory so all the levels of Resin use the same tag 
(<resin>, <cluster>, <host>, <web-app>), and "document-directory" would 
only make sense for web-app but wouldn't be accurate for the other levels.

-- Scott

> Thanks,
> Keith

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