We are updating our Web site from resin 3.0 to 4.0. I am seeing 
ProxyCacheFilterChain warnings in the Resin log.  I see an error message 
buried in the message "unable to reset IncludeRequest".  Has anyone seen 
a message like this and have idea what is causing it?  I looked through 
the resin documentation and I don't see anything.

> [11-03-28 09:43:38.004] {http://*:8082-1} WARNING 
> com.caucho.server.cache.ProxyCacheFilterChain {11} 
> ProxyCacheFilterChain[/docs/content/right_logos.html?null, 
> next=ServletFilterChain[resin-file]] unable to reset 
> IncludeRequest[/docs/content/right_logos.html,ForwardRequest[/templates/main_layout.jsp,ErrorRequest[/page_not_found_error.do,HttpServletRequestImpl[HttpRequest[default,
> 1]]]]] 
> IncludeResponse[ForwardResponse[ForwardResponse[HttpServletResponseImpl[HttpResponseHttp[default,
> 1] ]]]]

I've enabled debug logging of the cache adding the following statement 
at the top of the resin.xml, but I am not seeing any debug messages in 
the log.

> <logger name="com.caucho.server.cache" level="finest"/>

Please reply with any ideas on what might be causing these warnings.


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