On 04/01/2011 01:27 PM, Keith Fetterman wrote:
> Does anyone know how to read the following warning message that resin is
> displaying when I access a Web page?
>> [11-04-01 13:20:42.902] {http://*:8082-4} WARNING
>> com.caucho.server.cache.ProxyCacheFilterChain
>> ProxyCacheFilterChain[/docs/content/banner.html?null,
>> next=ServletFilterChain[resin-file]] unable to reset
>> IncludeRequest[/docs/content/banner.html,IncludeRequest[/templates/components/header.jsp,ForwardRequest[/templates/main_layout.jsp,ErrorRequest[/page_not_found_error.do,HttpServletRequestImpl[HttpRequest[default,
>> 4]]]]]]
>> IncludeResponse[IncludeResponse[ForwardResponse[ForwardResponse[HttpServletResponseImpl[HttpResponseHttp[default,
>> 4] ]]]]]
> I can't figure it out.

That message looks like Resin is trying to fill the page with a cached 
value, but the output has already been flushed.

Is that possible in this situation?

> I've finally figured out why I wasn't seeing the debug messages from the
> caching mechanism in resin.  I had the level on the<log-handler>  tag
> set to "info", which overrides the more detail levels (fine, finest,
> etc.) defined in the<logger>  tags.  This behavior is opposite to Log4J
> so it threw me for a few days.

The log-handler is designed to matches the java.util.logging Handler. So 
we're trying to be as standard as possible in this case.

There are two checks for any log message. The <logger> checks the level 
for the Logger itself, while the Handler has a second check. That way 
you can have two or more log handlers where one of them is high priority 
(like mail) for severe errors.

So a generic log-handler like the path="debug.log" or path="stderr:" can 
be at the "all" level to catch any enabled log message.

-- Scott

> With the debug logging turned on, I haven't been able to figure out what
> is causing the warning message.
> I'd appreciate it if someone could help me read the log message so I can
> figure out what is causing the warning message.
> Thanks,
> Keith
> On 03/28/2011 09:57 AM, Keith Fetterman wrote:
>> We are updating our Web site from resin 3.0 to 4.0. I am seeing
>> ProxyCacheFilterChain warnings in the Resin log.  I see an error message
>> buried in the message "unable to reset IncludeRequest".  Has anyone seen
>> a message like this and have idea what is causing it?  I looked through
>> the resin documentation and I don't see anything.
>>> [11-03-28 09:43:38.004] {http://*:8082-1} WARNING
>>> com.caucho.server.cache.ProxyCacheFilterChain {11}
>>> ProxyCacheFilterChain[/docs/content/right_logos.html?null,
>>> next=ServletFilterChain[resin-file]] unable to reset
>>> IncludeRequest[/docs/content/right_logos.html,ForwardRequest[/templates/main_layout.jsp,ErrorRequest[/page_not_found_error.do,HttpServletRequestImpl[HttpRequest[default,
>>> 1]]]]]
>>> IncludeResponse[ForwardResponse[ForwardResponse[HttpServletResponseImpl[HttpResponseHttp[default,
>>> 1] ]]]]
>> I've enabled debug logging of the cache adding the following statement
>> at the top of the resin.xml, but I am not seeing any debug messages in
>> the log.
>>> <logger name="com.caucho.server.cache" level="finest"/>
>> Please reply with any ideas on what might be causing these warnings.
>> Thanks,
>> Keith

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