We've just put up 4.0.21 for download at http://caucho.com/download.

For the next few releases we'll be trying for faster releases (2 week 
target) so reduce the wait time for bug report fixes.

The main changes are bug fixes (thanks for the reports and keep them 

Also, the PDF report generation has been enhanced to include heap dump, 
thread dump, CPU profile and JMX dump. These are available from the 
command-line as

   bin/resin.sh pdf-report

Or from /resin-admin summary page (there are PDF links.) Or from the 
postmortem report.

The new PDF report will make it easier for support, since it will gather 
as much information as possible from Resin. So we'd suggest sending that 
PDF report with any support/issue related to performance or restart issues.

-- Scott

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