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> If you look at the new default resin.xml, it has a
> <resin:properties path="${__DIR__}/resin.properties">
> and several uses of rvar like <http port="${rvar('http')}"/>. The
> <resin:properties> is similar to the resin:import, but loads a properties
> and saves the values in EL expressions which are then available to the
> resin.xml. Basically, this means that many sites will only need to change
> resin.properties and may never need to touch the resin.xml.

This could be awesome!

Will modifying the resin.properties force your resin instance to restart?

> The resin.xml also includes a
> <resin:import fileset="${__DIR__}/local.d/*.xml"/>
> which will let you add configuration such as <database> tags in a separate
> *.xml without needing to modify the standard one.

Same question as above, will modifying the *.xml files force your resin
instance to restart?



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