> > I hope so. Since it's new, this is a great time for feedback

> For the first time, Resin 4.0.24 doesn't work out of the box when added to
> Eclipse as a new server.
> I go through this process pain free for each new release, but now
> immediately see the message "'default' is an unknown server in the
> configuration file" and the server doesn't start.
> To recreate, use Servers | New | Server | Resin 4.0 | (Create runtime
> specifying the new Resin home) | Next | Finish (add apps as necessary) |
> to start the server.
> In fact the 4.0.23 server is still present which I'm sticking with for

I had a similar issue with 4.0.23 (though it was my fault), and by switching

      -conf "${resin.configuration.file}"


      -conf "/path/to/resin.xml"

it went away.  I have always set that explicitly though and have never tried
to figure out how ${resin.configuration.file} gets set.

Not sure that helps much, but thought I would throw it out there as
something to try.


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