I have resin 4.0.23 installed. It seems to serve up WordPress 2.9.2 okay 
(blog.roderickmann.org), but not WordPress 3.3.1 (latencyzero.com/wp/). The 
default pages seem to load okay, but the admin pages only render the left-hand 
controls, no content. I get the following error:

WP_Screen::$this is an undeclared static field

The two sites above are running in the same resin instance. The config for each 
is slightly different.

I always seem to trip over PHP issues with Resin, and get very little response 
from you guys for them. This has kept me from ever considering buying Quercus 
(you wouldn't even answer a question asking about what kind of Quercus support 
I could expect to get if I did buy it).

Hmm, looking around the site, it seems you don't even offer Quercus any more, 
is that correct?


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