> You can do that via CGI with Resin's CGIServlet, or a better alternative is 
> over FastCGI using FastCGIServlet and php-fpm.  
> http://javadoc4.caucho.com/com/caucho/servlets/FastCGIServlet.html
> http://php.net/manual/en/install.fpm.php
> Unfortunately I don't have any good examples to provide you at the moment...
> This is a great topic as a cookbook item for out new Wiki, so I will mock up 
> an example and put instructions the wiki. (In the next day or so.)
> http://wiki4.caucho.com

Thanks, Paul, that's very helpful!

I'd love to see Quercus be abel to keep up, of course, but this may get me 
where I need to be.


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