I personnaly have multiple resin.xml, and launch resin on the one I want 
to see. The only difference in the resin.xml is some path and database 
access. I use this because my application is twice on my mac : one for 
development, and one copy of the production. They have different 
directories and different databases.

You could also run all applications in the same resin instance, thanks 
to different ports, 8000 for the first, 8001 for the second etc. then 
you don't have to restart resin each time you want to change the 
application. For this I guess you'd have to put multiple <host> with 
different port (never done that).

On 03/01/13 23:21, Rick Mann wrote:
> I typically work on web apps as a component of other projects. At any given 
> time on my local machine I've got three or four web apps that I rotate 
> through. To speed things up, I reconfigure resin.xml each time I switch to a 
> new one, so I don't have to wait for the others to start up. I run resin in 
> console mode to make it easy to kill and restart
> I find it a little cumbersome to go to resin.xml and uncomment one <webapp> 
> and comment out another. I'm wondering if I can't accomplish the same thing 
> by moving the <webapp> declarations to separate files in a known directory, 
> and just have resin.xml include all the files in that directory. That way, I 
> can just move the fragment files in and out of this "enabled apps" directory.
> So, I tried changing resin.xml to:
> <cluster id="app">
>      <!-- define the servers in the cluster -->
>      <server-multi id-prefix="app-" address-list="${app_servers}" 
> port="6800"/>
>      <!-- the default host, matching any host name -->
>      <host id="" root-directory="/Projects/">
>          <resin:import>
>              <fileset dir="/config/resin/enabled">
>                  <include name="*.xml"/>
>              </fileset>
>          </resin:import>
> <//>
> and I'm trying to include a file that contains:
> <web-app id="/" document-directory="MyApp/web/trunk/target/build">
> ...
> </web-app>
> But it doesn't like <web-app> at the top level. So I wrapped that in <resin> 
> tags, but it doesn't like that, either. Can I not do this?

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