Bill, thanks for the reply. Sorry for leaving out the version info ­
partially because I've tried 3 different configs.  Below is the stack
trace from JBoss AS 7.2 ­ which I left with it's included version of
RESTEasy 2.3.5.  I can also repeat this with
 3.0.6 if that's more helpful?

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Here is a link to the full stack trace using RESTEasy 2.3.5.

Re: [Resteasy-users] Error marshaling w/ XmlAnyElement + Element Adapter -
simple JBoss 7 + RESTEasy project
From: Bill Burke <bburke@re...> - 2014-02-03 15:19
You'll have to point out what resteasy version you are using so I can
match the line numbers in you stack trace up.

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