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We've seen this problem before with the Yamaha 6416 CD-RW drive. Error
100 (device rejected command) may occur with slower hosts using this drive
with Retrospect. Updating the firmware is
recommended, though even the latest version from Yamaha (1.0c) at does not fix this known problem.

Retrospect (PC or Mac) may report "device rejected command" error during
copying on slower machines. This is a drive firmware bug present in all
shipping firmware up to and including 1.0c. To work around this problem, use
a faster host if there is one available, or try to increase the data rate
by disabling software compression, turning off auto-insert notification
(PC only), and minimize external activity during backup. We have notified
Yamaha of this bug and are waiting for a firmware update.

Does error 214 always occur following error 100? This error is generated
by your backup device itself, and may or may not be related. If you are
able to resolve the problems with error 100 by using the suggestions above
and are still getting error 214, please let me know.


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

Hornby, Peter W wrote:
>I've been having substantial problems with my CD-RW setup for a while. 
>use a Mac 7600, running MacOS 8.5, with Retrospect 4.1A and driver
>1.7.  The device is a Yamaha 6416S with 1.0c firmware, connected via an
>Adaptec 2906 SCSI card.  There's also a ZIP drive and an old Agfa
>scanner on the bus.
>The background is this. I originally had a Yamaha 4416 connected to the
>Mac's external SCSI bus, and the device gave us serious problems, mainly
>using Toast, although Retrospect wasn't working too well either. The
>went back, and we have a loaner 6416 until it's fixed.  Other kinds of
>problems have led us to install the Adaptec SCSI card, upgrade from 8.1
>8.5 and re-format the hard disk.  All of these have now been done, the
>of which was the re-format, last night.
>I tried to backup three times last night to TDK CD-R media.  The backup
>failed each time. The log shows this:
>Trouble writing: "1-Hard Disk A" (63963136), error 100 (device rejected
>Trouble writing: "1-Hard Disk A" (27000832), error 214 (device busy)
>Trouble writing: "1-Hard Disk A" (155713536), error 214 (device busy)
>I gave up at that point, having written off three CD-Rs.  The backup
>have been about 700MB uncompressed.  I don't think it managed to get
>about 200MB.
>I can't find error 100 in the documentation, and error 214 is cited as
>similar to 114, related to file sharing, which isn't an issue here.  I
>don't know what the parenthesised numbers in each error message are.
>If anyone has any thoughts about what might be happening, I'd love to
>them.  Thanks for any advice or suggestions,
>Pete Hornby
>Laguna Beach/CA

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