Thanks very much for your reply.  I can try turning off software
compression, but there's nothing faster than the 7600 at present, at least
until I can persuade my wife to upgrade.  I'll try a test to CD-RW media
tonight so that I don't continue to write off a CD-R every time a test

The three errors I cited in my original post terminated three attempts to
backup to three different pieces of media.  So I guess you couldn't say that
the error 214 follows the error 100.  It looks as though a backup might fail
from either an error 100 or an error 214, whichever happens to occur first.

Could you be a little more specific in your description of error 214?  I'm
not clear exactly what error Retrospect is reporting when it kills a backup
with this error.  Is it possible that both errors (214 and 100) are
essentially symptoms of the same underlying problem, which, from what you're
saying, is that the host system isn't fast enough to keep up with the
device?  Or am I misinterpreting what you said?


Peter Hornby

We've seen this problem before with the Yamaha 6416 CD-RW drive. Error
100 (device rejected command) may occur with slower hosts using this drive
with Retrospect. Updating the firmware is
recommended, though even the latest version from Yamaha (1.0c) at does not fix this known problem.

Retrospect (PC or Mac) may report "device rejected command" error during
copying on slower machines. This is a drive firmware bug present in all
shipping firmware up to and including 1.0c. To work around this problem, use
a faster host if there is one available, or try to increase the data rate
by disabling software compression, turning off auto-insert notification
(PC only), and minimize external activity during backup. We have notified
Yamaha of this bug and are waiting for a firmware update.

Does error 214 always occur following error 100? This error is generated
by your backup device itself, and may or may not be related. If you are
able to resolve the problems with error 100 by using the suggestions above
and are still getting error 214, please let me know.


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

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