I recently added another client to the backups.  Using AppleShare I
loaded the 4.2 client software onto the Macintosh.  Everything loaded
fine, I restarted, etc.

Once back at the backup computer (B&W G3, Retrospect 4.2) I checked
the client list, and the recently added client showed up, but with no
license number next to it.  I know I had some licenses left, but I still
had to put in the next number (or a free one) before.

Is Retrospect just using one of the license "slots" and not reporting
what number?  It would be nice to know what number it is using so
that I don't try and duplicate it at a later point.


Jeffry C. Nichols, PhD
Instructor/Lab Coordinator
Rice University
Biochemistry Department
Houston, Texas

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