We've just moved from a DDS2 to a DDS3 drive (phew!) and I'm 
wondering how to fill up the extra space. . . previously, we just 
backed up the documents folder on Windows machines, so I'm wondering 
if there's a useful midpoint between this selection and All Files.

Also: a TAN, but worth an ask: we often get network errors during a 
backup that cause chaos elsewhere on the network; the network can be 
unclogged by resetting our Asante FS4008 (?) ethernet switch. I've 
swapped the switch out with another one with a reasonable difference 
between manufacturing dates, but the errors continue. I've checked 
the usual sources, but can't find any complaints about this switch, 
so it must be some subtle interplay between the switch and something 
else that causes the problems. Any suggestions?
Owen Watson
at home in Wellington, New Zealand

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