On 12/21/1999 somewhere around the time of 19:07 +1300, Owen Watson spoke about "Is 
1.5MB/min toooo sloow?":

>I've got a 90MHz Pentium on the network that seems to get only 1.5MB/min backup rate 
>as a remote client. Is this about par for the course? Any suggestions if there are 

Depends on the network, the tape drive being backed up to/computer doing the backing 
up and what the P90 is doing or if it has any screwy network settings.  1.5 MB/min 
seems a little slow but that may be what your setup does.  I don't have any machines 
that slow being backed up but for comparison I have a PII 366 over 10BT backed up to a 
Sony DDS-3 SDT9000 and I get about 24 MB/min.  I figure anything below 12-15 MB/min 
and you should be looking around to see where the bottleneck is.  I have another 
machine, P150, that gets about 13 MB/min across the same network to the same drive but 
the I know the bottleneck is the part of the network it is on (it's dirt slow 
(sub-Localtalk speed)).  That will be fixed once the 100BT network is up and running 
and I should see a dramatic speed increase for that machine.  The limitation will then 
become the tape drive.  When I compare speeds for the DDS-3 drive and a the DDS drive, 
there is a great speed difference.  I don't remember what the speed is that I get for 
the DDS drive.

I'd start looking.

Hope this gives you some sort of direction.  It's 3 am and I'm a little groggy.

Ryan La Riviere

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