Reply to:   RE: Retro didn't ask for license number?

When you're using 4.2A clients with 4.2 Retrospect, activator codes are
no longer needed. This is one of the major improvements over previous
versions of Retrospect, since it means you no longer have conflicts, don't have
to keep track of which client has what activator code, etc. Retrospect
does this for you.

I'd suggest looking on p. 80 of the Retrospect 4.2 User's Guide. This
describes license manager and the new client licensing scheme. The User's
Guide is a .pdf file installed with the application.

Let us know if you're still having problems.


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

Jeffry C. Nichols wrote:
>I recently added another client to the backups.  Using AppleShare I
>loaded the 4.2 client software onto the Macintosh.  Everything loaded
>fine, I restarted, etc.
>Once back at the backup computer (B&W G3, Retrospect 4.2) I checked
>the client list, and the recently added client showed up, but with no
>license number next to it.  I know I had some licenses left, but I still
>had to put in the next number (or a free one) before.
>Is Retrospect just using one of the license "slots" and not reporting
>what number?  It would be nice to know what number it is using so
>that I don't try and duplicate it at a later point.
>Jeffry C. Nichols, PhD
>Instructor/Lab Coordinator
>Rice University
>Biochemistry Department
>Houston, Texas

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