I had an error this morning that I have never seen before. There 
was a dialog box in front of the Retrospect window that said the 

Trouble in Retrospect:
Internal Consistency Check Failed:
Assertion Check at "elem.c-811"
  <and one button that says "Quit">

When I clicked quit, Retrospect was still up and the script sent out 
email. I looked this up in the manual and found nothing in regards to 
this. I quit Retrospect and launched it and then checked media and 
everything is OK. One thing that has changed that may have affected 
this is the Eliant 820 Exabyte drive that was in there died last week 
and last night was the first time it used this new drive (the old and 
new drive are both Eliant 820's). The backup did go about 1/2 way 
through all the clients.

And for my rant. I have all the manuals of Retrospect going back to 
version 2 and I have three servers so this makes a few manuals on my 
bookshelf. Why can't Dantz label their manuals with the current 
version? All the manuals do not have version numbers for the app. The 
way I figure them out is the copyright year in front of the manual.

Travis Morgan
Macintosh Systems Administrator/Webmaster

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