>the best way is to do a test with a test Mac running the legato client. Do a
>*complete* full backup, then wipe the drive and see how long it takes to
>restore it. I'm willing to bet that any glaring weaknesses in Legato will
>pop up wicked fast

It isn't the speed at which the restore on the client is performed but, 
instead, the accuracy with which it is done. When you do the Legato 
equivalent of a "restore entire disk", will Legato put everything back in 
its rightful place and leave the client as if nothing had happened? Will 
the restore leave the user feeling like she's sitting down at her machine 
and can start working right away or will she feel that she has to first 
install and configure everything before being able to work? I'd be 
willing to sacrifice some speed so long as accuracy and security and 
reliability are there.

I've not used Legato so I can't speak to what its detailed functions are, 
but another good test would be to put a Legato client on a portable and 
then remove the portable from the network for a day or two. See how well 
Legato handles the portable's unattended backup **without user or 
administrative intervention** as it reattaches to the network the next 

Hope this helps,


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