We performed a long study on backup solutions which included 
Retrospect and Veritas.  The two top performers were Retrospect and 
Veritas.  They were both equally capable in their own ways.  Our 
final choice was Retrospect mainly due to cost.  Veritas is an 
excellent backup system for large file servers and is priced 
accordingly.  Retrospect is currently the only reasonable choice for 
large installations of desktops for backups.

In our current configuration we have 6 Retrospect servers backing up 
an average of 250 desktops each.  The bulk of our desktops are PCs 
including Win 95, Win 98, and Win NT.  We don't backup everything on 
each desktop.  This cuts on bandwidth and catalog sorting.

Our study found that Veritas was excellent for backing up PCs and 
reasonable for backing up Macs.
Veritas will update their Mac client as needed but not necessarily as 
soon as new Mac OS's come out.
Veritas's "complete" restore for Win NT was too labor intensive to 
reasonably create boot disks for all our systems.
Veritas's multiple stream backup was only about 12% faster than using 
multiple Retrospect Servers.

In our configuration Veritas was about $98 per client averaged over 5 
years, Retrospect was $14 per client averaged over 5 years.  This 
included cost of servers, upgrades, software and man power.

>Thanks to all for your response. Because of them Solstice has been 
>put on hold. But of course our net admin now is looking at "veritas 
>netbackup". If anyone has any experience with that I would love to 
>"share" it with the net admin.
>So far Retrospect has come up the winner, but it is only being used 
>for Macs. I have proposed that he use it also on the Windows 
>machines, but he hasn't bitten yet.
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