Heh - having been the client of veritaas netbackup that failed to restore my SUN box I 
can say I would stay away.

Place that I worked at tried to use netbackup as a solution for their Windows and Mac 
clients.  Bottom line was that they never got the Mac client to work reliably and they 
finally gave up on the Windows client as it was flaky beyond belief, impossible to 
uninstall or upgrade.

Once they got everything set up perfectly according to the vendor, they were able to 
improve their windows client backup success rate to about 60%, up from 10-15%.  Not 
really an effective backup solution for desktop/laptop clients. It works OK for UNIX 
backups but as I mentioned the one time I needed them they couldn't restore my server.

And you can pass on from me that I currently back up over 4500 windows machines using 
retrospect from Mac servers that work.


Erik Ableson

On Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 09:22:22AM -0500, Thomas Myers wrote:
> Thanks to all for your response. Because of them Solstice has been put on hold. But 
>of course our net admin now is looking at "veritas netbackup". If anyone has any 
>experience with that I would love to "share" it with the net admin.
> So far Retrospect has come up the winner, but it is only being used for Macs. I have 
>proposed that he use it also on the Windows machines, but he hasn't bitten yet.

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