That's what I was talking about perfectly. We use legato for our Unix
backups, but it just blew on windows and the Macs. The unique thing about
Dantz, is that a lot of the folks their view *restoring* as Retrospect's
biggest priority. This makes sense, as if the restores are untenable, or
unreliable, what good is backing up? So a lot of the 'lack' of features in
Retrospect are due to this focus on restoration. Considering the garbage
that restoring requires with other products, I think Dantz has the right


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> Subject: Re: Solstice
>> the best way is to do a test with a test Mac running the legato client. Do a
>> *complete* full backup, then wipe the drive and see how long it takes to
>> restore it. I'm willing to bet that any glaring weaknesses in Legato will
>> pop up wicked fast
>> john
> It isn't the speed at which the restore on the client is performed but,
> instead, the accuracy with which it is done. When you do the Legato
> equivalent of a "restore entire disk", will Legato put everything back in
> its rightful place and leave the client as if nothing had happened? Will
> the restore leave the user feeling like she's sitting down at her machine
> and can start working right away or will she feel that she has to first
> install and configure everything before being able to work? I'd be
> willing to sacrifice some speed so long as accuracy and security and
> reliability are there.
> I've not used Legato so I can't speak to what its detailed functions are,
> but another good test would be to put a Legato client on a portable and
> then remove the portable from the network for a day or two. See how well
> Legato handles the portable's unattended backup **without user or
> administrative intervention** as it reattaches to the network the next
> day. 
> Hope this helps,
> Pam
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