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Thank you very much for such quick and clear explanation. Irina Tarasova.

Matthew Tevenan wrote:
>Retrospect's File backup sets are limited to 2 GB in size. Unfortunately,
>until Mac OS 9 there was a Macintosh file system limit of 2 GB for any
>single file. This applies to our File StorageSet which resides as one file
>on the backup hard drive. This was a Mac OS limit and not a Retrospect
>limit. >
>The only workaround for now is to back up to *multiple* File backup sets on
>the same hard drive. You will have to determine which volumes or amounts of
>data can fit into the various File backup sets you create.
>For example, if you were backing up 3 volumes to a File backup set, you can
>now back up volume 1 to File Backup Set A, volume 2 to File Backup Set B,
>and volume 3 to File Backup Set C.
>If it's not so clear cut, you will have to determine groups of folder
>Subvolumes or use our selectors not to back up certain files and apportion
>amounts of data to each File backup set.
>Keep in mind that though Mac OS 9 solves this problem, Retrospect 4.2 does
>not take advantage of this new capability. We hope to add this to a future
>release. I realize how important this is to people, and rest assured that
>this is one of our most-requested features.
>Matthew Tevenan
>Technical Support Specialist
>Dantz Development Corporation
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>> Subject: Problem with File Storage Set/Mac
>> >> I was using File Storage Set temporarily, while we had to fix our tape drive.
>> I had scheduled Recycling (the same as Full in the older version) backup every
>> Friday night, and then Normal Backup every night from Monday though Thursday.
>> At first it worked fine, but later Retrospect started giving error message -34
>> on Fridays. In the Log it says: "can't add that much data to backup set.
>> Limited to 2.0G total."
>> According to the manual, size of the File Storage Set can be limited only by
>> the size of the drive. Drive has  about 12G available.
>> As long as I know, there is no way, unfortunately, to restrict size of a
>> folder on a Macintosh.
>> Any ideas?
>> >> Irina Tarasova
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