I have to revisit this topic on a regular basis, because it bites me on a
very frequent basis. Retrospect's error dialogs, such as "lost access to
media" or "storage set out of sync", just stop Retrospect dead in its
tracks. OkeyDokey won't dismiss the dialogs, and Retrospect has no "dismiss
dialogs after x minutes" option in the preferences. So, if I have two or
three scripts that are supposed to run overnight, and the first one has a
tape error of some sort, none of the rest of the scripts are executed even
if they're using different media.

This is a royal pain in the neck, Dantz! Please, PLEASE give us some relief
here. Optimally, it would be nice to have Retro simply send an email to a
designated address upon script failure, log it, and then keep on trucking.
At a minimum, we need a "dismiss dialogs after x minutes" option in the
prefs. As it stands now, I have to babysit the backup server, and I
shouldn't have to do that with an enterprise-level product.

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