Ever tried DLT tapes? it's expensive but I NEVER had a damaged tape in 5 years. On the 
contrary, ± 50 DAT tapes (120m) are damaged (after incremental backups, never reusing 
a tape) in my archives of ±250 tapes...

Serge Paulus
Microscript s.a.
51 rue du Poinçon
B-1000 Brussels

On mardi 7 mars 2000, Robin Bateman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>Hi All
>Don't want to be too contentious but Tape is NOT a good medium
>for archiving
>see note below for reason why
>CD is much better
>Also has the benefit that all Macs (OK OK Unless v old!) & most peecees have
>CD so v easy for users to get archived data back
>ie: no dat drive (etc) no multi copies of retrospect (&
>training etc)
>Just a thought. Over to you

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