Is anyone else out there using Belkin OmniView Pro KVM 
(Keyboard-Video-Mouse) switch-boxes with their Mac and PC Backup 
Servers, as well as other servers?

Some background --

At Motorola, we have a large investment in these switch-boxes, to 
control all of our servers in the racks that we have, mainly because 
the 8-port boxes can be daisy-chained to allow for 127 devices.  Now, 
we have not actually gotten that far, but we do have at least 2-3 
boxes daisy-chained.

We have multiple 3-shelf, 150-200 foot racks, allowing us to place 
roughly 50-60 servers neatly on the shelves, and control them from a 
central KVM station.

Here is the Retrospect related question --

The switch-box requires that you press "SCROLL LOCK" twice, to get 
it's attention, and doing so it "beeps".  You then have the option of 
pressing an assortment of keys that only the switch-box "sees" and 
interprets (switch between different inputs) and then it gives 
control back to the server that is currently selected.

Unfortunately, when you press SCROLL LOCK, the switch box does not 
always hear your key press right away, sometime you must press the 
SCROLL LOCK 3-6 times, before you get the "Ok, I am listening" beep.

I am afraid that Retrospect (Windows OS or Mac OS) is interpreting 
the SCROLL LOCK as a pause, and causes the backup server to just sit 
there.  I am thinking that the PC does not get a "key up" event from 
the keyboard driver (probably the switch-box interfering here), and 
just waits until you "click the mouse" or "press a key" to get a "key 
up" before it continues.

Here is an example.  Notice that the last event was 5:30:39 PM, and 
the next time something happened was 8:26:53 AM.  The entire night 
was passed up, nobody was backed up.  Keep in mind I have checked the 
obvious, and all scripts are as they have been for years, and the 
time frames indicate that Retrospect will backup at least 40-50 
clients each evening.  The log shows this from previous evenings.

+ Normal backup using ITBKUP-Gamma-Always at 3/8/2000 4:45 PM
   To backup set ITBKUP-gamma-MAR-2000...

- 3/8/2000 4:45:08 PM: Copying 4GB_NTFS (C:) on Moulton, Bernard-L1-zeta
   3/8/2000 4:45:08 PM: Connected to Moulton, Bernard-L1-zeta

     ... yada  ... yada ... yada  ... yada ... yada  ... yada ...

   3/8/2000 5:30:33 PM: Snapshot stored, 4,964 KB
   3/8/2000 5:30:39 PM: 5 execution errors

   Remaining: 5 files, 548 KB
   Completed: 21667 files, 1.8 GB
   Performance: 41.0 MB/minute
   Duration: 00:45:30 (00:02:50 idle/loading/preparing)

+ Duplicate using Backup Server Backup at 3/9/2000 8:26 AM

- 3/9/2000 8:26:53 AM: Copying Retrospect on Drive C (C:)
   3/9/2000 8:26:54 AM: Execution completed successfully

   Duration: 00:00:01

- 3/9/2000 8:27 AM: Backup Server stopped

+ 3/9/2000 8:32 AM: Backup Server started

If I happen to use the KVM during the afternoon, but go to my desk 
and check the backup server with Timbuktu, the system will backup 
all-night-long.  This is what I have noticed.

Can anyone offer any assistance here?  Suggestion to what might be 
wrong if I do not have the right conclusion?

Thanks! :)

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