At 10:58 AM +0100 03/08/2000, Serge Paulus wrote:
>Ever tried DLT tapes? it's expensive but I NEVER had a damaged tape 
>in 5 years. On the contrary,  50 DAT tapes (120m) are damaged 
>(after incremental backups, never reusing a tape) in my archives of 
>250 tapes...

Thanks for all of the responses to date on this thread.

The purpose of my original post wasn't to discuss alternatives to DAT 
such as DLT, AIT, CD-R or VXA. We like DAT, we use DAT and have no 
plans to discontinue the use of DAT as relatively low-cost archiving 
of completed digital prepress jobs. Crucial data is sometimes written 
to other media, but DAT has been our primary archival media since 
1993 (with very few mishaps).

While appreciating the advantages of AIT (and DLT) for high capacity 
server backup functions, these newer tape systems aren't ideal for 
maintaining some backwards compatibility with 60- and 90-metre DAT 
media from the last half decade.

It therefore seems that DDS-4 is the way to go, at least for our requirements.

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