In as many years I've had about 10 tapes either go bad and take down the DLT
drives, or perhaps the drives damaged the tapes that were in them at the
time they went down. It's hard to tell which went first. At any rate, DLT is
not bulletproof, and nor is it inexpensive to repair.

However, after several very expensive repairs (in which the repair company
could not or would not salvage the tapes), we decided to try repairing the
drives ourselves. It is a fairly simple process of opening the case and
nudging the mechanism so that it releases the tape which will then rewind
back into the cartridge and can be reused. This is certainly not something
you would want to try if you're not comfortable tinkering with mechanisms,
but the simplicity of the DLT and a willingness to experiment might save you
several hundred of your local currency units.

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> Ever tried DLT tapes? it's expensive but I NEVER had a 
> damaged tape in 5 years. On the contrary, ? 50 DAT tapes 
> (120m) are damaged (after incremental backups, never reusing 
> a tape) in my archives of ?250 tapes...
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> On mardi 7 mars 2000, Robin Bateman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >Hi All
> >
> >Don't want to be too contentious but Tape is NOT a good medium
> >for archiving
> >
> >see note below for reason why
> >
> >CD is much better
> >
> >Also has the benefit that all Macs (OK OK Unless v old!) & 
> most peecees have
> >CD so v easy for users to get archived data back
> >
> >ie: no dat drive (etc) no multi copies of retrospect (&
> >training etc)
> >
> >Just a thought. Over to you
> >
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