>Has anyone any thoughts on Ecrix' VXA-1 drive? The PR and the reviews I've
>read make it sound good, so I was wondering if anyone here's used it. I'm
>going to upgrade my backup machine to a G4 and was probably going to get
>another DAT when I ran across VXA.

I bought one a month ago based in part on feedback from this list, 
and am very happy with it so far in daily use.

In combination with Retrospect, VXA is a real pleasure to use. I was 
previously backing up just three file servers onto DAT DDS2 using 
Backup scripts. I added twenty desktop computers when we got the 
increased capacity with VXA, and switched to using Backup Server 
rather than Backup scripts. Backups are now easier to manage than 
before despite the increased volume. When I manage to fill up a tape 
I'll have some idea of the compression, but still doing incrementals 
to the first tape in each set.
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