Last year when we were testing the Win NT Retrospect 5 on an ageing dual 
pentium 200 NT server with 100BaseT & DLT from a variety of clients we 
found the following:

B&W Mac G3 clients & Pentium III >=500MHz on switched 100BaseT network to 
server all averaged about 70Mb/min (Retro log).

B&W Mac G3 client on shared 10BaseT hub linked to switched network 3 
buildings away also averaged 70Mb/min.

The key to performance was the system transfer of the client or server. It 
seems  directly proportional to system bus performance.

Likewise with identical older systems on both 100BaseT & 10BaseT networks 
their performance was the same with the average transfer rate dropping to 
50Mb/min & 25Mb/min depending on the model.

If you have a high performance NT server, DLT and clients, you may utilise 
the 100BaseT better but more realistically you will find a bottleneck 
elsewhere before you need more than the 100BaseT bandwidth.


At 02:54 14/03/00 , Michael Selewach wrote:
>Our NT Retrospect server has dual 100 mps ethernet connections.  Would it 
>help to enable the 2nd one to help with backups?  It's backing up to a DLT 
>tape drive and the server is not used for anything else but backups.
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>(281) 285-5450 (f)

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