Hi guys (and the girls to if there's any out there on this list!),

I've been experiencing frequent but non-the-less erratic Hardware 
Failures over the last couple of months.

I run about 75 clients (all macs) off a 7300/200, to a Sony DSS tape 
drive. I've been marking the tapes that come up with Hardware errors, 
to see if there's a pattern. Also, I've tried disconnecting 
EVERYTHING and letting the tape drive cool for like 8 hours. Also, 
I've been head cleaning almost twice a week.

I can't seem to correlate my actions with any specific 
results...sometimes one of the options above will seem to help for a 
few days but then BOOM...Hardware Failure? Is this a buffer underrun 
proplem or something or is the media (Tapes) the problem?

I ordered a new head cleaning tape and 10 new DSS tapes, but does 
anyone recognize this problem and if so, what do you recommend I do?


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