I've learn one main thing about using Retrospect over the last ?12?
years. It will find defective hardware. Start with the SCSI cables. SCSI
termination. Move it to another machine. Or the drive may be going bad.
You didn't mention which exact model of drive you were using.

Marty James wrote:
> I've been experiencing frequent but non-the-less erratic Hardware
> Failures over the last couple of months.
> I run about 75 clients (all macs) off a 7300/200, to a Sony DSS tape
> drive. I've been marking the tapes that come up with Hardware errors,
> to see if there's a pattern. Also, I've tried disconnecting
> EVERYTHING and letting the tape drive cool for like 8 hours. Also,
> I've been head cleaning almost twice a week.
> I can't seem to correlate my actions with any specific
> results...sometimes one of the options above will seem to help for a
> few days but then BOOM...Hardware Failure? Is this a buffer underrun
> proplem or something or is the media (Tapes) the problem?

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