Hi can you please help, i'm bashing my head on a brick wall...

i have retrospect 4.2 on a blue and white G3 acting as a backup server.
recently i noticed 4 clients were always giving a 519 network 
communication failed error each night.
each mac is otherwise fine, and we have a large busy network with no 
other problems.
i could not work out why these 4 (in different buildings,  different 
segments) would not back up.

They connect, scan the client, start to copy then instantly give a net retry.

at the same time we upraded out old DAT tape drive to a new DLT 4000 
and then i found most clients (about 20 out of 28 all came back with 
the same error.

I have noticed that they seem to work if i backup to a mac file 
backup set  instead of the tape backup set
BUT there are still several macs that backup reliably every day!!!

I've reinstalled the scsi drivers, reverted to the mac OS 9 base 
extension set, reinstalled Retrospect

what to do next???



Lindsay Robertson

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Psychology Department
University of Otago
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