Or a SCSI terminator or ID number:)


>  >it doesn't appear to be a network problem at all.
>>when i created a backupset on the hard drive i could backup a fast G4
>>no problemo
>>its only when i backup to a tape backupset...
>Since you mentioned that the tape drive is new and that backing up to a
>file on the G4 is working ok, I'm thinking that something is amiss in the
>SCSI voodoo department. Just 'cuz it's new, doesn't mean it works. ;-\
>Have you tried a new or different cable?  Hooking the tape drive up to a
>different Mac? A different tape drive? Any and all of these things can
>lead you to an answer: cable, tape drive, scsi card, logic board even.
>Just a thought,

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