>I'm in the midst of a big workstation rollout and I'm using Retrospect
>to move data between computers. Here's the scenario --
>Users moving from a G3 running 8.6 to a G4 running 9.0.4. I back up each
>G3 to its own backup file on an external HD.
>I have a standard profile of system folder & standard apps, etc, that
>I've pre-installed onto every G4, using Apple Software Restore and a
>custom .img file I created.
>I want to back up the G3's and restore the files onto the G4's, but I
>don't want to overwrite newer items with older items. (especially things
>like "Finder" and "System").
>Is there a way I can prevent Retro overwriting corresponding items that
>have a newer mod date?
>top of the world,
>Luke Jaeger, Technology Coordinator
>Disney Magazine Publishing
>Northampton, Massachusetts
RE: I don't believe there is unless you get the files then do a folder synch.  It's a 
pain.  I spoke to Retrospect about this and they didn't think it was a big need.  I 

Good luck
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