>> >I want to back up the G3's and restore the files onto the G4's, but I
>> >don't want to overwrite newer items with older items. (especially things
>> >like "Finder" and "System").
>> >
>> >Is there a way I can prevent Retro overwriting corresponding items that
>> >have a newer mod date?

Don't know if this'll be useful for your situation, but it works for me. 
I use two tools to do this: Retrospect and Conflict Catcher.

1) Restore the G3 "stuff" to a folder on the new drive. Rename the G3's 
system folder to "Previous System Folder" (or something of your own 
choosing). You can pick and choose what to restore but that could make 
the process take longer than necessary, imho.

2) Install Conflict Catcher

3) Have CC8 do your system merge. It's really quite cool and is much 
swifter than comparing system folders file by file.

4) File away anything else you might want from the restored folder and 
toss the rest.



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