Please, WHERE is that automatic e-mail feature in retrospect?

On lundi 17 juillet 2000, Jeff Johnson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> I also wished Dantz included a small email client in the retro server so
>>> that the log could easilly be mailed to the administrator. I've tried to
>>> get the thirdparty thing to work twize but it fails each
>I've got the e-mail feature working to e-mail me logs and everything else
>and to page me if there is an error or for tape requests. (my alpha/numeric
>pager has an e-mail address). It works great. I love this feature, because I
>don't have to constantly check the server.
>I have it working with Outlook Express 4.0 (the script with Retrospect 4.2
>doesn't apparently work with Outlook Express 5 or at least I couldn't get it
>to work). I just followed the instructions in the manual. Let me know if you
>still can't get it to work.
>I haven't tried it with other e-mail programs.

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