on 7/20/00 9:50 PM, John Gee at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

>> Hi, remember a while ago, i had a 519 net retry error that i
>> couldn't work out...
> [...]
>> I have found a workaround: if I turn on Link Encryption on each
>> client everything runs smoothly!
> [...]
>> can anyone explain this?
> Link encryption might slow down the client and server enough that the
> network switch does not overload.
> Having just purchased a switch this week that works fine under light
> load, and fails under all forms of heavy load, it is an easy guess!
> :-(

It definitely sounds like you have a router/switch problem. If it fails
under heavy load, John is right that link encryption slows it down enough
that could help. Still, if it worked fine before the equipment and now fails
when crossing the new equipment, it is pointing to a bad unit most likely.


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