I am curious if you recreated the Users & Groups file in the course 
of your ASIP upgrade.  That certainly should fix the crashing, at 
least for a while.  The memory leak you mention is actually ASIP 
using available memory for cache.  It is a common mistake to think it 
is a leak.  You can set the amount ASIP leaves available for the OS 
and other apps.

Rhona Cash wrote:
>I have had success finally after dealing with my server being crashed
>after each backup for 4 months or longer. I upgrade our remotely backed
>up server to OS 9.0.4/ ASIP 6.3.2 and Retrospect 4.3 last Thursday.
>  It also seemed as if I was having a memory leak
>since each morning if I caught the server before it crashed the windows
>wouldn't redraw and the Mac OS had maxed out the memory until I
>I guess I will not know if my problem was the Mac OS 8.6 or Retrospect
>4.2 or both but it is finally solved.

Eric Zylstra

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