I did include DDS-4 right between the VXA-1 and the Mammoth. I've 
been disappointed so many times in the past by DDS that I'd likely 
not consider it again.

At 5:57 PM -0400 7/27/00, SK Suh wrote:
>At 1:07 AM -0700 07/25/2000, Larry Acosta Wong wrote:
>>I, too, am in the market for a new tape drive. Here's what I've found:
>>Exabyte M2: 60GB,  12MB/s, $3777 ($80 media)
>Any reason why DDS-4 hasn't been included in this list?
>Based on research earlier this year on lists including Retro-talk, I 
>ordered a Sony SDT10000 {DDS-4) to replace an older DAT drive and 
>the results have been most impressive. Fast, efficient, trouble free 
>(thus far) and makes archiving much easier.
>VXA and AIT-2 would have been strong contenders for me if backwards 
>compatibility with older DAT media wasn't an issue.

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