At 9:17 AM -0400 8/16/00, Sara M wrote:
>I am very new to the Retrospect backup program, but looking for an alternate
>back up destination.  Currently we are running a G4/400, OS 9.0.4, ASIP
>6.3.1, Retrospect 4.2.  We have approximately 250 GB of hard drive storage
>space that needs to be backed up on a regular basis.  My goal is to do a
>complete backup monthly, with normal backups nightly.  Currently we have
>only one DAT drive.  As you can imagine, to do a full backup is very time
>consuming.  What I am wondering:  Can Retrospect back up to another server
>on the network such as a Quantum Snap Server?  Will the data be compressed?
>I looked into the internet storage, but is too costly on a monthly basis.
>Is my only option an auto loading tape drive?  Please excuse my ignorance.
>I find Retrospect a great program, and do not seem to be having problems
>with the program, I just need to figure out a timely manner to do a complete
>back up of our data.  Thanks in advance
>Sara McGill

I would lean toward big local storage, like a DLT library.  Backing up to a
network volume is going to be slow, unless you have gigabit ethernet, and
I'm not sure how Retro. will do that anyway.  You might be able to start
ftp service on the snap server and then have Retro backup to it using the
Internet storage type in the New Storageset window.


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