I am very new to the Retrospect backup program, but looking for an alternate
back up destination.  Currently we are running a G4/400, OS 9.0.4, ASIP
6.3.1, Retrospect 4.2.  We have approximately 250 GB of hard drive storage
space that needs to be backed up on a regular basis.  My goal is to do a
complete backup monthly, with normal backups nightly.  Currently we have
only one DAT drive.  As you can imagine, to do a full backup is very time
consuming.  What I am wondering:  Can Retrospect back up to another server
on the network such as a Quantum Snap Server?  Will the data be compressed?
I looked into the internet storage, but is too costly on a monthly basis.
Is my only option an auto loading tape drive?  Please excuse my ignorance.
I find Retrospect a great program, and do not seem to be having problems
with the program, I just need to figure out a timely manner to do a complete
back up of our data.  Thanks in advance
Sara McGill

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