To prevent intruders from disturbing the backup server while it's logged in,
use the BlackWatch screen saver <http://penumbra.apple.com/blackwatch.html>
to password protect your computer.

BTW, there's a posting on the BlackWatch web site that says:

(8/23/00) A patch for Retrospect (versions 4.0 through 4.3) is now
available. This patch enables Retrospect to launch in the background when
performing a scheduled backup, making it fully compatible with BlackWatch.

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The explanation below goes a long way to explaining the problems I
had after ugrading my Backup server (running Retro 4.3) to OS 9
(which I managed to slowly figure out on my own). What I would really
like to do, though, would be able to set my server into the login
screen mode using Multiple Users, as I find that some of my cohorts
in my office like to "use" my computer when I'm away (and locked
doors aren't possible here and notes go unheeded).

The explanations for the work-arounds on your web page below:

"Mac OS 9's Multiple Users prevents Retrospect from launching
automatically to execute its scheduled scripts. Before you leave the
backup Macintosh, start Retrospect manually from within Multiple
Users. This allows Retrospect to run scripts as scheduled." and:

"The workaround for local backups with Retrospect is to log in as an
owner before backing up."

As the backup admin, I'd prefer to be able to logout of the server
(putting it into the login screen mode), have Retrospect launch
either a script or Backup Server, and be able to backup both network
and local drives, as I use the machine extensively during the day for
all my other network admin work, and only backup in the eve/night.

So, other than the "feature" of Retro 4.3/Multiple Users not allowing
Retro to autolaunch is their any way for Dantz to tweak Retro to
override Multiple Users on the backup computer to allow it to launch,
even when only the login screen is present, and then proceed to back
up the entire local computer and also backup network clients? That
would be a great advantage to those of us network admins that have
"open shops" without doors. Also, is Dantz working to solve/work
around the special folder selector conditions in custom selectors
with those computers using Multiple Users?


Jim Coefield

>Also, if you are running Mac OS 9 and have Multiple Users turned on,
>Retrospect will not automatically launch. For a full Mac OS 9 compatibility
>statement, please go to
>If your script still isn't running, it may be time to give tech support a
>call when you can be in front of your computer.
>Best Regards,
>Technical Support Specialist
>Dantz Development Corporation

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