At 7:17 AM -0400 7/9/00, Daniel Knight wrote:
>If anyone ever questions the
>wisdom of daily backup, have them read this article. We lost a half-day
>of productivity during trouble-shooting, but once we restored from
>backup, everything worked perfectly.

I've always been a firm believer in backing up, but some years ago I 
realised that sometimes even that is not enough. We had been running 
Retrospect backups of our AppleShare fileserver every night for 
several years, with no problems and
what seemed like a sensible procedure. A new tape every monday for a 
full/new backup and incrementals every night in between. Then one 
weekend the office was burgled and the fileserver (among other Macs - 
no PCs) stolen. Guess where the tape is for the latest, up to date 
backup? Yup, in the stolen Mac, so the latest tape we had from which 
to restore was a week old:-(

A perfect restoration by Retrospect to an alternative machine allowed 
us to spend many days recreating our accounts for that last, missing 
week and then just as we managed to get up to date we were informed 
by the police that they had apprehended the villains trying to sell 
our Mac (out the back of a Porsche) and would we like to come and 
collect it. A quick check of the returned server showed that apart 
from the cut cables still attached to the back it was all functioning 
and hey, the tape was still in the drive, which would have been 
better news if we'd known before all that work on the company 
accounts data. A good result though.

We ran our fileserver hidden in a locked cupboard after that and it 
was never stolen again - even with 2 subsequent break ins.

Of course the moral of the story is - "don't just backup, work in a 
nice neighborhood."


Ken  G i l l e t t

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